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About us

Hey there!

We started our Boughtagame journey in early 2018.

We spent months and months looking for ways to reduce the cost of new games and finally came up with one. The concept is based on playing an account that somebody has played already on it, wipe the progress and play it yourself for just a fraction of the initial price of the game and the best part about this, is that you can sell the game back to us after you're finished, that's what we call gaming on a budget :)

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions, comments or concerns you may have!

Have an Awesome Day!

- Boughtagame
The Best Prices

Guided by our policy and concept, we can guarantee the lowest prices on the market for any game that we currently have available!

Fast Delivery

We are processing orders manually and tend to minimize the time at the maximum, thus usually sending the games to the costumers in just a couple minutes after purchase

100% Positive Feedback

Talking honest, we have very small profit margins and the costumer satisfaction is the main criteria we're fucusing on.